FUSE - World's # 1 UK Electric Violinists

Stunning live entertainment for your private or corporate event, performing on their FUSE Signature Swarovski Crystal violins, the world's most expensive electric violins ever made!

"This is incredible world class entertainment, I've never seen anything like it, thank you for literally lighting up the heart of the West End for us"
The Royal Crown Estate


FUSE, is leading virtuoso electric violinists based in London available for hire in UK and worldwide.

Twelve million views on YouTube and counting. No female electric string quartet can compete.

Performed to TV audiences in excess of two hundred million.

The only electric string group in the world to perform on £1M Swarovski Crystal violins. Exclusive to the FUSE string duo these are one-off worls of art that will add a touch of bling to your event.

Whether it is an electric string quartet female uk or all male FUSE are the new are benchamrk...these electric violinist are at the top of their game!





FUSE is an international recording artist. Since the release of their album last year (Universal Music) FUSE have become the premier string group in the world, before soloists and string quartets.

Unlike any other string act in the world FUSE HAS 3 GENRES OF MUSIC FOR CLIENTS TO CHOOSE FROM FROM - a pop hits set, a more cross-over set or an anthemic club set. Listen to examples HERE.

Live their reputation proceeds them - they are one of the most exciting and popular instrumental acts around, raising the bar with their stunning brand of entertainment.  As a a result of their coveted position they have also become very popular with launching prestigious brands and performing at VIP events all over the world.

FUSE is the sole string act to be officially sponsored by Swarovski Crystal who to celebrate their album release exclusively created FUSE the most expensive electric violins ever made - a one-off pair of Swarovski Signature crystal violins. Linzi Stoppard & Ben Lee launched these incredible works of art in-store at Harrods in conjunction with their album release. Take a look in  photo gallery.



Earlier this year Ben also set new Official Guinness World Speed Record for the "Fastest Violin Player in the World". The 2-time world record holder broke the record again by playing Flight of the Bumblebee at over 14 notes / second live on TV to a global audience. In doing so Ben became the first person in history to break the magic-minute barrier which many professionals said could not be done.

If the above didn't underline FUSE's quality enough, Linzi and Ben are the only string act (including string quartets) to sign a global record deal through credible traditional channels in over a decade.  


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We can now bring you the best live entertainment for your private and corproate events. Whether clients are searching for a female electric string quartet, or to hire electric violinists...FUSE will always tick the boxes for you.

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